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Ghumna is a boutique travel firm run by travel enthusiasts who love exploring this beautiful planet.

We specialise in organising trips to offbeat places to showcase little known but spectacular landscapes and wildlife.

We also do custom trips and specialised itineraries. Get in touch with us to discuss details.

Ethical Charter

Being strong believers in nature conservation and in not disturbing wildlife, our trips will always be guided by our strong ethical charter below:

  • We will never bait to get close sightings of wildlife.
  • We will not play loud music or make undue noise when in the natural habitat of any wildlife.
  • We will not litter or leave behind trash and will ensure that we take back everything.
  • We will respect the right of wildlife to move freely in their habitats and will not impede their movement to get closer sightings or photographs.
  • We will not disturb or attempt to provoke wildlife.
  • We will always respect local communities who live in close proximity to such charismatic wildlife and attempt to work with them as much as possible so that they too can benefit from our trips.
  • We will ensure that our participants also follow our ethical charter as far as possible.