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The Spiti Stories-Part II

by Neha Simlai Part I can be read here. Day 6, 7 & 8: The Spiti Valley About 6 hours from Rekong Peo is Tabo – probably the most frequented stop in Spiti, Tabo is a largeish village by Spiti standards and has a 1,000-year-old monastic complex, said to be among the...
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The Spiti Stories: Part I

by Neha Simlai “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta At the risk of a slightly disconcerted manager, I sit dreaming on my office desk sometimes… of the open road and clear blue skies, of getting away from the humdrum, of...
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Pourquoi Paris?

Random impressions from the capital of France I Steve McCurry’s photographs were a like a balm to my tired and bored eyes. The intense and saturated portraits of mainly South Asian faces formed a wonderful contrast to the grey and gloomy Parisian streets outside the gallery. He...
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The Great Connection

Books and travel. The best companions and the great connections that can suddenly arise between them. Greece & Auster Greece was sunny and bright, the very opposite of Auster’s grey and moody New York in City of Glass. As I ran from one end of Greece to another I seemed to...
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Riviera Redux

Brief vignettes from a trip to the French Riviera I. It was hot and humid. The sun beat down upon me like a bully intent on inflicting bodily harm. The heat was different from the dry heat of Hyderabadi summers I knew so well. In Nice, the heat had a burning quality. As I stood...
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A Scottish Jaunt

The first view of anything far below on the flight over was when the clouds cleared briefly to reveal the grey and choppy waters of the North Sea. Small waves crowned by foam marked the surface of the huge stretch of water. I remember feeling a curious mixture of awe and fear....
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