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08 Feb 2018 - 16 Feb 2018
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The Ghost of the Mountain

Check out this video of a wild snow leopard captured on a camera trap in Ladakh!

We Are Here For You

We are here to ensure that you go back with a lifetime of memories once you travel with us. Our work will be guided by the following principles:

Our USPs

  • Wildlife Expertise

    You want to see a snow leopard? Or perhaps the Himalayan brown bear? Our in house wildlife expert is excellent at taking you to the places with the best chances of sighting them. While we don't offer guaranteed sightings we are proud of our 100% sighting record on all our trips so far! Rest assured, we have the expertise and experience to make your trip absolutely memorable.
  • Photo Expeditions

    We love photography and consider it a powerful tool for documentation and conservation. Our photo expeditions are special photography focussed trips enabling photographers/photo enthusiasts to photograph different species. An experienced photographer will be on hand to share tips and tricks, if needed, to get that once in a lifetime photograph.

    We also hope that you will use the photographs of the charismatic wildlife and their habitats that you will get a chance to photograph on our trips as educational and awareness tools for ensuring their long term survival and conservation.
  • Local Communities

    We believe in working with local communities so that they too can benefit from the trips that we undertake. For this, we will always try to work with local guides, home stays and drivers as far as possible and practical.
  • Ethical Charter

    Being strong believers in nature conservation and in not disturbing wildlife, our trips will always be guided by a strong ethical charter as outlined below:
    1. We will never bait to get close sightings of wildlife.
    2. We will not play loud music or make undue noise when in the natural habitat of any wildlife.
    3. We will not litter or leave behind trash and will ensure that we take back everything.
    4. We will respect the right of wildlife to move freely in their habitats and will not impede their movement to get closer sightings or photographs.
    5. We will not disturb or attempt to provoke wildlife.
    6. We will always respect local communities and attempt to work with them as much as possible so that they too can benefit from our trips.
    7. We will ensure that our participants also follow our ethical charter as far as possible.

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